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Friday, May 4, 2018

New Mystery Times Table Game Someone Has Stolen The Times Table, Who could it be?

Who Done it Times Table Style!

Who Done It. Times Table Style!
 This game aims to make learning the nine times table fun. It helps children and adults have fun together but yet it encourages memorising of the times tables.

We don't often get the time to play board games with our children. Finding the time can be stressful and difficult. However, this game is for all the family and it means that you are also encouraging active learning as well as interacting with your child.

Learning can be fun. Make it a game for all of you. Not just a game to test your child's ability. Laminate it and take
it to the park or on holiday with you. You will not be disappointed. Five minutes play is all that is needed to start to consolidate the times tables. Play regular and you will soon see the difference. I have many other times tables games do check out my shop on Etsy.


The Aim of the game - to guess who stole all the times tables, where they stole them from and how they stole them.

Up to 4 Players

The Aim of the game - to guess who stole all the times tables, where they stole them from and how they stole them.

How to play
1: Roll a die and move that number of playing spaces on the times table squares. ANSWER THE TIMES TABLE QUESTION YOU LAND ON. IF the answer is incorrect, go back to the start. If correct stay where you are.

2: You can move only horizontally (across) or vertically (up and down), never diagonally, and must leave a room on your turn. You cannot stay in the room and make a guess. You have to leave the room and then return.

3: You can make a guess once you have entered a room. You can enter a room once you are in front of its door.
For example, if you think it was in the bedroom, by Mr Divide with his feet. You have to wait until you are in the bedroom before you make a guess.

Once you make that guess, the other players will each take it in turn to show a card ONLY if they have the one you have suggested. If they have the card it cannot be the one hidden under the book! You will need to continue the game.

4: If the room guess is correct but the who and how are incorrect. You cannot stay in the same room and make another guess. You have to leave the room and then go back into the room to make another guess! ONCE SOMEONE HAS GUESSED ALL THREE - THE GAME IS OVER!

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