9 January 2018

Why design Multiplication Games Printable times tables game. Why kids should play times tables games

I decided to design multiplication games printable for Ks2 as I wanted children to enjoy and have fun learning the multiplication tables. 

Having fun learning maths does not mean that children or even adults are not learning. It means that they will be more relaxed, less fearful and have a positive learning experience.

One the first games I developed was a printable multiplication snakes and ladders game. Why? Well most kids and adults have played snakes and ladders at some stage in their life and I wanted a game that was easy to play with the added information of learning the times table. I even added some literacy - in the form of snake names! I have even designed a printable multiplication cootie catcher / fortune teller game for kids to learn the times tables and still - yes- have fun!

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Printable Multiplication Games For KS2 and SEN

I remember teaching one of my younger students online. Yes, that' right. I used my snakes and ladders online with her on Twidddla! We were having such a good time and she was close to winning. Laugher could be heard in both of our voices. After the lesson, her mother spoke to me and asked how she was doing. When I stated she was doing very well. The mum replied that she was not sure as she had heard her laughing. See, we all see laughing in a classroom as negative, but it is not. This little girl has now learned her times tables. I used a variety of resources, my printable multiplication games,  multiplication songs, multiplication drill worksheets. They all have their place in helping our children learn! This is why I decided to design multiplication games printable for ks2!

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