10 January 2018

Learning together playing Times Tables Games is a Great Way to Give Them a Sense of Achievement

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Learning together in pairs and small groups by playing a printable board game is a great way for kids to learn. Learning together encourages children to learn from each other and feel confident talking and assisting each other to get the right answer. It is good practice of social skills as students have to communicate with each other by not just talking, but also by listening. Doing any type of work in a group or pairs is a good practice. Many schools have realised this which is why they do peer to peer assessments and put students into groups and pairs to do projects and class work.

The British Council state that working in pairs and small groups and learning together should not be underestimated. Even very young learners can become more independent by allowing them to work in small groups or pairs.  Some of the benefits are:

Printable Multiplication Game Football Game! 1: Gives learners more speaking time.
2: Gives them a sense of achievement when reaching a team goal.
3: Allows them to talk with students they would otherwise not need to speak to.
4: Gives them confidence and better social skills.

I have developed my printable board games to be played in groups of two or above. Fir example, the snakes and ladders game can be played with up to four players.   My game is just a twist on the traditional snakes and ladders game. It is for all age groups, as they can use a multiplication chart to help them if they are stuck.

Thus, small groups and pairs are a great way to for children to learn at all ages. I can be done at home or in the classroom and is not restricted by the ability of a child.

Laning in Pairs and Small Groups using  Printable Multiplication Games is a Great Way to Give Kids  Sense of Achievement

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