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Sunday, November 26, 2017

PRINTABLE Snakes and Ladders Multiplication Game 8 Times Table

Kids Printable Games: Football Soccer Multiplication.

Learning the multiplication tables is an important element of maths. It is the cornerstone whereby kids can go on to develop their mathematical skills. This skill will allow them to manipulate numbers and understand the basic concepts of skip counting and addition.

However, this can be a boring and tedious process for many children and one that parents and even teachers may shy away from, particularly if a child is having problems learning the multiplication tables. I, as a parent, totally understand the frustration. If parents understood just how important learning multiplication facts are, then they would spend more time and resources ensuring their child understood and could recite most of the times tables by heart and the rest by a process of deduction.

Kids Printable Multiplication Games

When my son was younger, I decided to start teaching him skip counting as soon as I could. We would do a little each day. I would also combine this with basic multiplication tables such as the 1s and 2s. He then became familiar with the concept of grouping and skip counting but at the same time he was learning them off by heart.

By the age of 9 he knew the times tables by heart! I know that practice makes perfect. There is no need to bore your child to tears with endless lessons one day and none another day. Instead do a little each day. As my gran used to say, 'little and often is better than none and then loads!'

I have also found that my students respond to little and often. Parents tend to panic; this is normally right after parents' evening when they have been informed that their child does not know the tables! Having not taken much interest prior to this, all of a sudden parents are scouring the internet, looking for maths books, workbooks or just about anything that will help. I have done this with my own children!

I wanted a way for my students to learn and have fun. I also wanted to have fun! I decided that playing multiplication games was a fun and cool way for kids to learn. Yesterday, after playing my football times table multiplication game, another student challenged a student to a rematch! That says it all!  Printable Multiplication Games Are The Way To Go!

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