Teaching Maths through Art Puzzles Combine Maths and Art Connections

Combining maths with art is a powerful way to encourage children to participate in learning maths. Children who would otherwise be reluctant to do maths,  often are thrilled to find that they can draw as well as do the maths activity.  By combining maths and art we encourage students to  be creative and also the emphasis is not just on maths skills but artist skills as well.  It allows children to be creative and have fun doing maths. Also, why not consider a treasure hunt or dancing. Both of these are wonderful ways to discover and learn maths.

Consider trying out some of these tips. I am sure the children will enjoy them.  These activities will liven up you maths lessons. I sure you will enjoy Teaching Maths through Art. 

I have designed some games with  to help with this. Take a look at my art multiplication games! 

Play a art maths game
Most children love drawing, colouring or just making random marks on the paper. I have designed some powerful maths games so that children can draw an…

Year 2 multiplication worksheets/ multiplication table for kids/ 100 Square multiplication and counting/ Math Snap

I have found that by teaching children repeated addition you can introduce the concept of multiplication very  easy, quickly and in a fun way. You can also use what is know as arrays.

Arrays are used to get a better understanding of multiplication for year 2. The number of rows in an array represents the number of groups. The columns represent the number of items in each group. The multiplication sentence is the number of rows times the number of columns. Children can skip count to get the answer.

3 rows  x  2 columns = 6 
3 rows ( groups) x 2 columns (items in each group) = 6 total

Teaching the times tables  multiplication can be done in any order unlike division and subtraction. It is a good idea to turn them around and show how numbers could be reversed. 
Kids are expected to know their multiplication tables by the year 5. There is an easy way to learn the times tables. Times tables can sometimes seem tedious and boring for children, but keep at it and do not give up. Try different…

FREE Addition and Subtraction Word Problems - Year 3 AND 4 Worksheet

These FREE  worded  Maths Printable Worksheets Addition and Subtraction  problems worksheets allow children to solve word problems and challenges their understanding of maths topic. It is ideal to use in your Maths lessons on addition and subtraction. It is a good way to start introduction of maths into the real world with real world examples. 

This is great for year three and four. Have your year 3  and 4 students practise their maths calculation skills with these greataddition and subtraction word problem worksheets. Answers have been included. 

Worded Maths Problems addition and subtraction with answers . FREE

How to make Maths more Engaging and Fun for Children and Teenagers

Time to Pass your GCSE Maths or SATs An overwhelming majority of pupils do not reach their full potential in maths and that is not because they are not ‘good’ at it. They do not find maths engaging or enjoyable.  Most of the time, they repeatedly fail either because they have special educational needs, bored with the maths at school, cannot understand the maths concepts and or have a teacher/ tutor that does not make it interesting. The challenge for tutors is how to offer the assistance required to build their confidence and enjoyment of maths. Maths is fun!   Children should start learning the basic concept when they are young. Do not leave it until there GCSE exams.However, even if your child is not predicted a pass or they state they hate maths, there is still hope.  They can still get that much-anticipated C (under new guidelines - a 4) and pass their GCSE Maths exams.   What I do…   How to make Maths more Engaging and Fun for Children and Teenagers 

Free Maths Times Table Puzzle With Answers

Free  Maths Times Table Puzzle With Answers We all love to playing games and are often motivated to WIN! Puzzles and games help children to explore numbers in a relaxed and fun environment with friends, class mates and family and reinforces skills such as the times tables, counting  place value. It allows a child to develop a deeper understanding of maths and so they become confident and begin to enjoy maths. Repetition is key as this is the most valuable aspect of teaching  maths. Children love to play games they enjoy over and over.  Why maths puzzles and games: 

- Doing maths   puzzles and playing games means that the children can rely on each other. It provides an environment where the teacher or parent does not have to provide the answers. All my games and puzzles have answers. 
-  Doing a puzzle or playing a game repeatedly supports the students development and encourages learning without them even knowing the  are learning! 
- Parents can have fun playing maths games  with their c…

Free Competition Printable Maths Games Times Table Every Month Sign Up Today

Every Month We Give Maths Printable Games Sign up today and you could be a winner! Free Printable  Times Table Game - Snakes and Ladders  4 Games to Give Away!  Visit the shop and select a game!CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GAMES

Also there are lots of free resources for learning the times tables on this site. Check out our new online snakes and ladders game or visit our online store at TES for times tables  worksheets games and poster.
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FREE Printable Multiplication Times Tables Worksheets Games Puzzles For Fun Maths Games and Activities

 FREE Printable Maths Times Tables Multiplication Games Worksheets 
Leaning he  Times Tables should be fun to learn. Here are some free maths printable multiplication times tables worksheets, games and activities for kids to have fun doing. I have included  a 7 times tables puzzle / jigsaw. I have also included a cute poster with all the times tables on it. This times tables  chart poster would look great enlarged and set on a bedroom wall. There are many more free times tables multiplication worksheets / puzzles and games. Take a look today and don't forget to share the resources.
I have included , where possible, all the answers for the quizzes and puzzles. Why not try out the facts about Africa which also has times tables facts included in the puzzle.

Learning the times tables is always fun  when you select fun and enjoyable worksheets activities and games. Try one of these today and let me know how you get on. Have a fabulous day.